Seeing Broken Glass On The Ground In A Dream Interpretation Of Dream Books

To see a woman in your dream represents your playful, harmless, and childlike nature. Perhaps you are behaving immaturely in some situation. Alternatively, a girl represents the feminine qualities of your character.

I dream I walk into a trailer home and went to open the window the complete trailer turn into glass, lift over me and smashed in entrance of me. Today is my birthday, I dreamed of some ladies giving me A beer glass, a glass plate and a sq. gentle greenish opaque glass container that one may dish out food in. He couldn’t see what the bottle contained ore who the particular person was that garbed him.

Which Means And Interpretation Of Damaged Glass

I had a really practical dream lastnight I keep in mind broken glass being stuck throughout my body however felt the most pain from it in my left ear. I might see and feel the broken glass simply throbbing in my ear and feeling so much ache. I was reaching for a glass of wine and knocked it over spilling the wine…then a second glass of wine replaced it.

If you did not discover the desired interpretation on this web page, use the search form for all of the dream books of our site. You can also order a private interpretation of sleep by an professional. Dream about sweeping church represents serenity, peace, love and destiny. You are asserting your self and making your thoughts and emotions recognized.

All About Being Pregnant In Dreams

To see ginseng in your dream represents virility, longevity and life. Seeing a home glass signifies safety and safety. This dream means that you’re being protected against all threats and challenges.
broken glass dream meaning
In Victorian instances, individuals used glass to create Christmas decorations. When you’ve a dream where you see broken glass, it’s generally, a illustration of adverse energies. It is an indication of a final or radical break in your waking life. You could be overcoming your obstacles which have been holding you tight, and it could possibly be as a outcome of rules.

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