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Some moles are less appropriate for removing by laser; for instance flat moles or highly pigmented/dark moles. Moles that are raised from the skin surface are more doubtless to benefit from the remedy. Using a laser implies that the mole is successfully ‘vaporised’ and there is nothing which remains to ship for evaluation. Immediately afterwards, the mole shall be gone and a small red mark might be the place the mole was before. This is roofed up with some ointment and a small dressing which can be removed the next morning.

The treatment of small benign facial growths could be very straight-forward using laser strategies. The precept depends not on the removal of the expansion however on rendering it flat and level with the normal skin, in order that it’s basically cosmetically impartial – invisible. What tends to make a mole noticeable is its top or prominence off the skin, due to shadowing, etc.


Often in gradual healing areas, a small patch of pale scar tissue is left where the mole was; typically this is much better cosmetically than a large and raised mole. You may discover some gentle tenderness within the handled space for the primary 1-4 days after your mole elimination. This is regular and typically subsides because the pores and skin begins to heal. You should plan to keep the treatment site clear and lined with a bandage for 1-2 days to guard the realm.

We are among the few clinics in Birmingham that specialise in each forms of mole removing. We advocate cosmetic mole elimination for raised moles which are steady and never deeply pigmented. We don’t advocate or present removal of flat moles for beauty causes. If you want your moles assessed then we provide a full mole examine consultation– that is very like a mole MOT. A cosmetic mole removing is removing of a mole due to its aesthetic appearance or as a end result of it retains catching.

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The precise laser treatment only takes approximately 5 minutes for every mole. Care practices will differ, depending on the type of process for elimination of the mole. Taking good care of the wound after a mole elimination may help maintain scarring to a minimal.
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