Arachibutyrophobia Is The Fear Of Peanut Butter Sticking To The Roof Of The Mouth

Verywell Mind utilizes just premium sources, including peer-reviewed research studies, to support the realities within our posts. Review our editorial process to get more information regarding how we fact-check as well as maintain our web content exact, trustworthy, and also trustworthy. On the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s listing of the eight foods a person is probably to have an extreme allergy to, peanuts are provided.

As an example, if somebody has a household background of mental disorder, specifically of stress and anxiety problems peanut butter phobia, then they might have a higher possibility of developing arachibutyrophobia. This might be because of them after that having a hereditary tendency to creating mental illness as a whole. Words Arachibutryrophobia is a combination of the Polish word for groundnuts-arachidowe, as well as Greek words for butter-voutyro as well as phobos/fovos for anxiety or aversion. Therefore, the term Arachibutyrophobia stands for anxiety of peanut butter. In more comprehensive context, this fear can be associated with the anxiety of choking or the concern of food sticking to the roofing of one’s mouth.

What Is Arachibutyrophobia?

A fear is an unreasonable fear of a things, scenario or living thing. While fear is an all-natural response to danger, anxieties often happen in response to something not likely to cause genuine harm. Now envision if one of those points was a fully-fledged phobia that would destroy your breakfasts and also mid-morning snacks for the remainder of your life. Otherwise referred to as the phobia of peanut butter staying with the roofing of your mouth. This is an unusual problem but extremely actual for individuals that struggle with it. Peanut butter has a different structure than a lot of foods, it can also be quite sticky.

Depending on the severity of your anxiety, effective treatment can take as low as one to 3 sessions. Arachibutyrophobia, turophobia as well as, for the modern age, nomophobia being much less so. Yet there are approximated to be around 10 million people in the UK– a sixth of the population– that are coping with an identified and debilitating anxiety. But if you don’t think me, I’ll wait whilst you go and also look it up on Google. But in this situation, the planets aligned, the fates conspired, as well as a peanut butter chance strode up the path to the door of my London facility and knocked noisally upon it.

Is Arachibutyrophobia A Phobia Or Be Afraid? Is It Actual?

Nevertheless, their concern of bathing and the anxiousness they experience throughout bathing has a tendency to be so extreme that these effects fade in contrast. Ablutophobia might result from a distressing event entailing water, or an individual being afraid of getting wet. In many cases, the anxiety belongs to aquaphobia, which is the fear of water.
fear of peanut butter on roof of mouth
It is an erratic type of anxiety with differing degrees of severity. Really, the term arachibutyrophobia was first used in 1976 in Individual’s Almanac by bestselling writers Irving Wallace and also David Wallechinsky. Robert Hendrickson was the lexicographer that wrote the list of phobias for the popular realities as well as figures collection. On the various other hand, you could be able to trace your anxiety to choking on peanut butter as a youngster, although you may have been also young to bear in mind it currently.


If you’re making a peanut butter sandwich, you could include a layer of dill pickles to the peanut butter layer. Conversely, you might attempt including pickled banana peppers or slices of bananas to not allow the peanut butter to adhere to the top of the mouth. Identifying a specific source of the worry of peanut butter can be a bit complicated.
fear of peanut butter on roof of mouth
Selecting the appropriate anxiety therapist for arachibutyrophobia for you is critical for treating certain phobias, such as Arachibutyrophobia. The fear of peanut butter, or much more exactly, the concern of peanut butter adhering to the roof covering of the mouth, is called Arachibutyrophobia. It is a very rare anxiety that can trigger real physical signs & even more troubling ideas.

Well, Whether You Elegant Luscious Or Crunchy, There Is One Universal Drawback To Peanut Butter

If we’re explaining you, you have our deepest compassions. We guarantee never ever to stroll towards you holding a Reece’s peanut butter mug. The advantages of this therapy are that it is fairly cheap and it has a reduced rate of relapse. Nonetheless, the primary trouble with this therapy is that some people end up creating an allergy to peanuts. People that do not deal with the phobia grab something to consume and clean it away. People with the fear can ice up in worry and also experience increased sensations of fear and also anxiety.

  • This isn’t specifically anxiety of peanut butter itself, yet it is the anxiety of peanut butter stuck to the roofing system of the mouth.
  • Nonetheless, this does not mean the problem is any type of much less genuine.

The popularity gradually expanded when Peter O’Donnell utilized it in his Discreetness Blaise # 12 unique– Dead Male’s Manage– in 1985. We dug a little bit much deeper and got our mental health and wellness professionals to discover the reality regarding the history of arachibutyrophobia. If you get distressed at the thought of eating peanut butter or have a concern of getting peanut butter stayed with the mouth, then you might have arachibutyrophobia.

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